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 Blitzkrieg mod 4.5

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MensajeTema: Blitzkrieg mod 4.5   Dom Jun 10, 2012 12:13 am

Salio a la luz la 4.5 del Company of Heroes Blitzkrieg Mod ... por ahora se puede descargar solamente en version torrent ..... sin mas aca la descarga

tambien alojado en gamefront

se esta trabajando para subirlo a mediafire

Cnange Log

added fuel upkeep costs to all tanks
added a fixed version of the 8p map "Operation Goodwood"
reduced M8 Scott, Tertrarch CS, StuH42, Stupa & Grille howitzer direct fire damage against tanks, reduced area penetration values
reduced accuracy for all timed or AP/HE switching HE shells
new AI files from Mettiu included
fixed M18, M36 & Jumbo target priorities for german tank guns
thanks to Halftrack (BotB) we now have new historical acurate tank tracks for:
Panther, Jagdpanther, Wespe, Marder III, StugIII, Hetzer, Tiger, Kingtiger
Cromwell, M7 Priest, M10 Wolverine, M10 Achilles, M18 hellcat, Sherman, Sherman E8
reworked all at-guns & tankhunter camo buttons for better understanding
fixed Stuart target priority for Geschützwagen PAK40
added a 5sec fire delay after Tiger long range shot. Thx to isiar!
reworked Panther fast fire ability:
added a 5sec fire-delay after ability use
with vet2 the Panther get`s a double-shot ability
with vet4 the abilty get`s replaced with an enhanced tripe shot ability
reduced MP upkeep costs for pioneers & engineers
fixed Pz4 short barrel HE switch
added a post aim time for all long barrel turret tanks of 20sec and 30sec for Tiger, Kingtiger, M26 & M36
Before aim time was only 3sec. Advantage is that the turret will stay some time directed to the last position it was firing at!
88 and Pantherturm will allways stay in last firing position. No more turning back into a dumb basic position
fixed all artillery barrage issues (only 1-2 shots firing)
fixed Flamethrower bug. Now not the whole squads dies if the flamethrower explodes
fixed too high accuracy of some at-guns against infantry
fixed mortar hold fire ability. Now also the gunners oneself will stop firing with rifles
fixed HMG squads camouflage (now toggled)
fixed bug that PAK36 is not able to move sometimes
fixed all at-gun weapon crew issues
no more damaging own at-gun with rifle fire
no more handheld weapon attacks out of camo
reworked a whole bunch of tanks regarding build times & prices
It would be too much to list all changes here but to give a summary. Overall these changes should bring faster production times & smaller prices for allied tanks compared to german counterparts and redefined build times and prices for tankhunters:
price and build time adjustments for allied tanks
moderate price & build time increases for some german tanks with turrets
moderate price & build time decreases for all german turretless tankhunters
considerable price & build time decrease for Jagdpanther
considerable build time increase for Tiger, Kingtiger & Pershing
reduced the effect of production speed for building & techtree upgrades
price and build time adjustments for CW tanks
increased all Churchill hitpoints by 50
considerable price decrease for Comet
set all tank AP ammo abilities to the same duarion time of 20sec
added additional build requirements for tank-call in`s. So now your are only able to use a call-in if the needed build requirements for an equal tank is archieved.
fixed wrong US/CW weapon target priorities for Hetzer & Marder III
fixed wrong M18 hellcat damage modifier for Pzschrecks from x2 to x3
fixed lost mp income & free reinforce for howitzers/gun emplacements.
removed reinforce radius of US m16,M3T48 AT HT, WM flammenwerfer HT, CW Churchill 95mm & Avre
fixed ALL tanks hull & coaxial MG's range
fixed all single HE weapon abilities accuracy
made all single HE shots accuracy equal
fixed all barrage abilities and HE abilities facing angle
fixed wrong target priorities for all at-guns
fixed missing auto fire for US/WM at-squads when in abush mode
increased kill chance for tank rear hitting Pzfaust & Schrecks
fixed Panzerfaust- & schreck Armored jeep bounce off
raised Heavy MG setup time from 3,5 to 6sec and teardown from 2,5 to 3sec
replaced MG34 & m1919A6 LMG`s with newer models from Eliw00ds team
reworked mortars:
rechanged 81mm mortar FX to a "lighter" one. Impact FX still has a difference to the 60mm mortars
now only direct hits will cause serious casualties for infantry sitting in trenches or buildings. Nearby hits have only a very low effect on infantry in trenches and houses.
reduced mortar damage against emplacements
added new retrat points that can be set by command units like Leutnant, Feldwebel or Ranger captain
If a retreat point is set it overrides all other alternative "retreat to ..." abilities as long as it exists!
added a new and experimental "infantry only" gametype where tanks are no more buildable.
Be aware that this gametype is not official supported by me because I don`t want a submod for BK. It`s just for fun and has a very low priority for further development.
reduced and equalised damage of axis 20mm cannons against armored cars & halftracks
removed health modifier in "on loading modifiers" for emplacements
so now captured emplacements do no more gain new health magically direct after capture
no more bounces for tank guns against emplacements
some nice WM/US building texture tweaks (credits to VanAdrian)
fixed all missing target tables for all weapons once and for all (via script)
so no more "my 20mm Flak can damage my Kingtiger" thingy and similar
added new Pak40 model by Eliw00d and his team with 2 different camos for WM/PE
new fx effect and sound for 88 HE round impacts
removed trails from sticky bombs, satchel charges & PE AT-grenades
infantry AT squads:
fixed missing priority against some vehicles anks, even for picked-up AT weapons
fixed priority when in ambush mode
AT squads in camouflage will not auto fire with their rifles towards infantry in range, and will not auto attack tanks with their rifles
heavy damaged vehicles (AC/Halftrack) now goes down with sticky bomb hit
new sub-menu for WM & US FHQ and for airborne FHQ to allow garrison infantry to use their abilities
infantry squads no more receive suppression during retreat
limited all snipers to max 2 ingame per faction
regardless of which type of snipers (f.e. airborne or buildable) a max. of 2 is allowed
added weapon scatter bonus for all infantry mortar crews when vet up

New abush/camo system
Now all tanks that are capable of using an ambush ability ,due to it`s nature (tankhunters) or low silhouette, can only activate this ability if they stand near to bushes and/or trees. Called last now have a small surrounding aura that gives nearby tanks the needed "requirement" to use their camo ability. And the best is: If the tank is allready camouflaged and the nearby tree or bush gets blasted away due to (for example) mortar fire, the tank will loose it`s camo immediately.

reworked lockdown/camo abilities for german tankhunter units
tankhunters can always use a lock down ability without camouflage.Only requirements for activation: not moving & negative cover
if camouflage requirements are given (trees, bushes or adequate object cover) the lock-down ability is instantly swapped with an ambush camo position ability. The modifiers are equal for both types, only the camo (and resulting first strike camo bonuses) is additional for the ambush ability.
both abilities (standard lock-down or ambus camo lock-down) have unique buttons for activation & deactiovation. It should be 100% logical and clear to use!
if a tankhunter in ambush position looses the camo requirements (f.e. tree destroyed) it will instantly loose the camo but will stay in the locked down position keeping the lock-down modifiers
detecion radius for all low shilouette tankhunters is 25 (other tanks like Geschützwagen, M10, M18 have 40)


US base quad trailer is no more able to kill Pz IV D from behind
raised Flak 38 Emplacement building speed from 40 to 100 sec
increased the Stuh42 scatter radius to the same values like the SIG33 from Stupa/Grille
raised Flak38 single build time from 60 to 90
changed single Flak38 construction target table, so it`s much more vulnerable while it is build
added a new unit/model: Stug III as reward unit for Blitzkrieg/Terror Stug IV. Credits to Eliw00d and his team!
removed Geschützwagen reward unit
made the Geschützwagen as permanent replacement of the StugIV for Defensive doctrine
changed StuH model to historical acurate StugIII based chasis
added a new unit/model: Panzerwerfer 42 "Maultier" with 10-fold 150mm Nebelwerfer replacing the Walking Stuka in Blitzkrieg doctrine. Credits to Halftrack & Tankdestroyer!
added a new unit/model: SdKfz 251 with PzB41 available for WM defensive. Credits to Eliw00d and his team!
new skin for Jagdpanzer IV (A) by DMz
new skin for Flakpanzer 38t by DMz
fixed missing hold ground button for StuG grenadiers
raised Grille 1-shot price from 25 to 35 (same as avre)
added a new build submenu for for better and clear view of all buildable units in this building
rearranged some availabilities of halftracks:
Mortar halftrack now available for all doctrines
Defensive: 251 with 20mm Flak38
Blitzkrieg: Panzerwerfer 42
Terror: Walking Stuka
slightly raised PAK36 accuracy against Jeep
fixed units missing the "axis cover enhancement" ability
fixed Demolition Stormtroopers Mine-deploying bug
added new LMG34 upgrade for regular WM Blitz stromtroopers
fixed zeal abilities for all WM infantry
added new zeal ability for mortar/MG42 teams
fixed wrong hitpoints for WM anti-tank team loaders (from 55 to 70)
reworked the Axis assault grenade ability
Pz4D, Stug iv, Stug IV late and Stug III are now able to capture territory in Blitz doc after techtree upgrade
fixed wrong MP44 range
fixed stormtroopers demolition squad not stopping the "hide ability" while retreating
Terror bombardment and WM DEF 280mm rocket barrage no more able to target enemy hq sector
added evasive actions ability for WM Blitz Stormtroopers backup squad
exchanged WM starting bunkers with Flak38 emplacement
fixed Brummbär firing through walls
fixed missing "in construction damage modifiers" for Flak38 & lfH18 emplacement
WM supervise ability can now also be used to speed up FHQ unit production
some rework for WM DEF doctrine:
new unit/model: Elefant tankhunter. Credits to Tiger205
consolidated PAK40 emplacement and Pantherturm
consolidated victor target upgrade for lfH18 & mortars (was allready made with Elefant integration)
consolidated 280mm barrage and registered defensive mortar ability
some position rearrangements
new upgrade: Pioneer Veteran training
this upgrades enhances experience income by 50%. So they will vet up faster. Additional they get a health bonus of +20hp. And in the end pioneers can now upgrade with 4x MP40. So with these changes there`s no need for an additional "Westwall" pioneer squad.
new upgrade: enhanced emplacements
this upgrade enhances hitpoints for all emplacements and also adds a received penetration modifier. The same as the CW RE upgrade. This has also an optical effect as all emplacements get a new state with more barbwire.
new emplacement type for 88 (as many didn`t liked the pure sandbag emplacement). It now uses the CW howitzer emplacement.
the WM Blitz Stormtrooper halftrack now comes with MG`s right from the start tom underline it`s purpose
increased fixed 88 (emplacement & single) range from 75 to 100
new fx explosion for axis s-mines
enhanced V1 explosion fx
added victory-target ability for WM def recon unit
reduced V1 ability from 250 to 200mun
Volks have access to the Eihandgranate right from the start (like US/CW also have)
removed the requirement "in territory" for terror doc mortar incendiary round
added the terror doc zeal ability to pioneers
reduced fuel cost of WM 'naked' 88 from 75 to 50 (same as PE luft)
enabled WM pak36 37mm to vet up
fixed Henschel Kingtiger wrong MG sound#
added a new skin for Pantherturm. Credits to VanAdrian
made LeiG18 available for FHQ`s if reward unit is active
made the PAK40 available for WM Def FHQ`s
StugIV HE ability recharge time reduced from 45 to 30
Moebelwagen will no more fire when not in stationery position
new submenu for WM Feldwebel to avoid ability overlapping
delayed WM mortar halftrack to phase 2
added the missing 88 barrage for Def doc feuerleit bunker victor target ability


added CCKW 50cal. upgrade for infantry doctrine. Credits to Eliw00d and his team
fixed Ranger granades overlapping
fixed captured/recrewed 76 mm AT-gun icon
reduced M8 Scott howitzer accuracy
M16 halftrack changes:
Decreased moving accuracy from from 0.5 to 0.25
decreased accuracy against infantry about 25%
added a new unit/model: M15a1 halftrack as reward unit for M16 halftrack. Credits to Eliw00d and his team
added a new unit/model: Light tank M24 as reward unit for M5 Stuart. Credits to DMz & Tankdestroyer
M8 Greyhound is no more replaceable with a reward unit
added a new unit/model: Armored Jeep with .50cal MG for Airborne doctrine. Credits to Eliw00d and his team
fixed Ranger sniper retreat bug while in evasive action
decreased Airborne squad prices (450mp for normal & 550mp for 82nd)
added a new build submenu for motorpool for better and clear view of all buildable units in this building
removed 3rd bazooka from AT-squad. 3rd bazooka is now available after building the 2nd motorpool
Infantry doctrine production speed modifier fixed
removed US infanry riflemen double bonus
removed camo first-strike modifiers for airborne infantry
for testing purpose: new M88 smoke grenade shot for US M10/M18 tankhunters
for testing purpose: new M89 phosphorus round shot for M24
reduced damage of the 37mm M15A1 autocanon vs. bunkers from 0,75 to 0,25
US rifleman reinforcement sergeant now able to build
US armor doc "improved production" now also affects the recoilless Jeep
M15A1 now able to capture territory in armor doc
fixed inverted M3-T48 AT Halftrack camo icons
added some new fuel basic income upgrades for US Supply Yard
now US mortar HT, 57mm AT HT, and m15a1 HT can capture territory
reduced US supply yard fuel supply upgrade costs by 50%
reworked some Sherman Calliope details

now the Calliope has 2 barrages with a shared timer.
The new salvo is a halfed one firing 30 rockets. Reload time and price is half of the full barrage.
increased basic damage output from 40-50 to 50-60
increased rocket blast radius from 5 to 10, so now each rocket has a great increase in area damage.
increased barrage price to 80/40 (full/small barrage)
changed explosion fx
changed firing frequency. Now the rockets will have a random time offset between 0-1sec. So the Calliope needs longer to fire but it looks much more realistic!
reworked allied tank availabilities:
tank factory is buildable right after the motorpool
all Shermans are now available in the tank factory
included a new submenue for tank factory
moved tank commander to barracks
M18 Hellcat changes:
tried to fix the maingun missfire (please test)
raised hitpoints from 400 to 500
reworked the camo ability (now you do not need to deactivate camo, you can "run" by simply order it to drive away...then the ambush ability will automatically stop)
now can fire 2 shoots until revealed out of camo
reworked M10/M18 ambush ability:
We`ve included an automatic flank speed feature (for 5sec) that boosts your M10/M18 when you break your ambush mode. Means if you are in ambush mode and fired on your target and then order the M10/M18 f.e. to drive backwards it automatically breaks the ambush mode and activates a 5sec flank speed. Should be enough to escape. Additional the M10/M18 gets a received_accuracy modifier of 0,25 (-85%) during these 5sec when it moves!
fixed missing camo first strike modifiers for M10 Wolverine & Achilles
reworked 75mm recoiless rifle for Jeep and Infantry (same damage output, some penetration changes, accuracy changes)
fixed missing reinforce radius for US motorpool & tankdepot (as the axis player can also reinforce with their tank factories)
fixed US 105mm emplacement barrage
new weapon model: m1941 Johnson LMG for 101 Airborne, available as upgrade & & Urban warfare squad
decreased US rifle grenades accuracy (now US & CW use the same values)
increased ammo price for HE rifle grenades +5
increased HEAT rifle grenade accuracy
added missing grenades abilities for US airborne HQ squad
some rework on US infantry doctrine:
added a new special Ranger training upgrade
this upgrade adds more heath and speeds up veterancy gain. Additional the Rangers get a new ambush ability and the sticky bomb ability get`s replaced with a satchel charge ability
removed phosphor upgrade
rearranged all techtree upgrades
now the 105mm howitzer comes much earlier
added a new multiple grenade ability for US Rangers
fixed Quad long range penetration against motorcycle
removed US MK2 grenade WSC upgrade
now the US Player has grenades right from the start and is no more disadvantaged compared to axis early. The rifle grenades still require the WSC as building.
fixed US RR-Jeep missing shooting trail
some US urban warfare squad changes:
exchanged 30cal. with Johnson M1941 to obtain more offensive firepower (fire on the move)
exchanged sticky bombs with 1-shot pay bazooka ability for testing purpose
tried to make the M12 trenchgun`s far from perfect but it`s a bit louder now...
correct requirement for US infantry doc rifelmans mines
decreased US 107mm scatter values (more accuracy)
US riflemans rifle grenades and AT squad bazooka upgrades cost reduced when unlocking "weapon mass production" in infantry doc CT
dropped 90mm AP rounds from 150 to 75mun
US infantry "improve production" now includes the FHQ`s
fixed missing attack button for US M20 recon vehicle
fixed missing attack button for US GMC truck with .50cal upgrade


added a new model: SdKfz 252 Light ammunition transporter replacing the 251 model. Credits to Eliw00d and his team!
added a new model: SdKfz 221 with sPzB41. Credits to Eliw00d and his team!
moved PE SE 120mm heavy mortar team to infantry barracks
created new PE SE infantry baracks upgrade to unlock 120mm mortar team
delayed PE mortar halftrack: Now the PE baracks are needed additional to build it
the 50mm PAK38 now comes earlier (needs baracks + Logistikcompany)
added a new build submenu for Logistikcompany for better and clear view of all buildable units in this building
restricted PE WSS LMG42 upgrade to max. 2
fixed PE HSF incendiary grenade requirement
reduced PE HSF reinforcement time from 60 to 30sec
fixed "88" Feuerleit abillity for Fallschirmjäger
fixed some "forgotten" tanks for PE tankhunter that didn`t gain any bonus by Zimmerit upgrade
some jagdtiger enhancements:
fixed wrong PE Jagtiger HE ability description
added a 128mm HE shot ability for Jagdtiger to enhance combat value. The explosive weight was 3,6kg so it`s effective between 105 and 150mm arty shell.
added a hold fire ability for Jagdtiger (because of his long reload time)
added a new switchable "impact fuze with delay" ability for PE 120mm mortar grenades (resulting in airburst effect)
slightly increased Hotchkiss Nebelwerfer accuracy
replaced the PE mortar bunker model with a new one that is no more "buried"
fixed PE scout car unable to crush obstacles
fixed FHQ Luftpioneers missing heavy construction menu
fixed PE 120mm mortar reinforce cost
increased fixed 88 (emplacement & single) range from 75 to 100
fixed PE AT grenades in TH doc
removed unnecessary incendiary grenade upgrade for PE HSF
added the missing limit for PE sturm grenadiers LMG42 upgrade
new PE Stormgrenadiers icon & portrait ui
increased PE AT-grenades critical change for destruction against heavy damaged tanks
PE Veteran sgt and capture rate upgrade will affect the also the buildable grenadiers in FHQ
new submenu for PE HSF [Feuerleit abilities (SE/LW) now available for use]


WM/PE/US captured 4,2" Mortar is now able to fire a salvo
reduced CS Tetrarch area damage for short range from x2 to x1
added new unit/model: M3A1 Stuart replacing the M5 Stuart
Avre changes:
increased the AVRE scatter radius to the same values like the SIG33 from Stupa/Grille
reduced the damage multiplier of the AVRE against bunkers from x4 to x2
increased avre damage from x1 to x2 against emplacements like mg and howitzer nests
Dingo Changes:
reduced speed from 88.5 to 80
decreased acceleration
increased damage of Stiel- & Eihandgranate against Dingo
increased damage modifier for all PAK36 variants from 3,5 to 4,5 against Dingo
99% MG42 bulletproof in front and 100% rear penetration
1CP artillery changes
reduced range from 85 to 60
Boys-AT team changes:
added an initial_delay_time of 3sec for the tread breaker ability
disabled fire while squad moving
disabled tread breaker ability use while squad moving
tank hull-down rework
added an initial delay of 5sec to CW hull down ability
reduced received_penetration modifier from 0.75 to 0.85
added a new received_accuracy modifier of 0,85
delayed unlock: now you need 4cp to unlock hull-down (before 2)
reduced Avre mortar damage against emplacements a little bit (direct hits will still kill, nearby not by force)
fixed CW rifle grenade bug
reduced CW RA artillery spotter camo detection range from 40 to 20, and FOW vehicle sight from 70 to 40
Churchill no more buildable for KI in all doctrines (thx to isiar)
fixed the "Super-Sapper-in-building" bug, thx to isiar for finding it!
CW artillery spotter is now only able to drop in friendly territory OR on friendly infantry within enemy territory (you have to target a friendly infantry squad)
added missing reinforcements costs for all CW weapon teams
fixed missing CW MP upkeep costs
fixed wrong emplacement costs
fixed wrong target table for CW Sappers
reduced damage of the 37mm M15A1 autocanon vs. bunkers from 0,75 to 0,25
decreased 17pdr at-gun price from 480MP to 440MP
raised the PIAT`s capability of penetration the Jagdtigers rear from 0 to 50%
added reinforce radius for CW c15ta armoured truck
fixed wrong rear target tables for both CW Daimer vehicles
increased CW rifle grenades accuracy
reduced Avre damage against HQ building
added a buildible HMG squad for all CW factions
fixed CW mortar emplacement barrage range (+5)
added a new 2-inch mortar team for CW (2-men team)
removed CW MK2 grenade upgrade
So now the Tommys have instant grenades like all other factions
corrected sappers lee-enfield reload frequency (wrong number)
added new Gammon bomb projectile model by nanocheese
rearranged tanks build buttons
made CW Cromwell & Sherman 5 (reward) CP unlock free
made Sherman Firefly available again for RAF doc
now CW artillery spotter needs 1 CP to unlock
added new unit/model: Cruiser Tank Mk.VI Crusader AA Mk II (credits to Aidas2, Chopin & Darkblade)
Tetrarch now has it`s own target table
fixed the Commando HMG squad suppression fire ability


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MensajeTema: Re: Blitzkrieg mod 4.5   Dom Jun 10, 2012 3:10 am

perfecto xfin una actualizacion
y dime camara k mofificaciones nos podemos esperar? y
abra nuevas unidades?
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MensajeTema: Re: Blitzkrieg mod 4.5   Dom Jun 10, 2012 6:43 am

Medallas y condecoraciones obtenidas:
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MensajeTema: Re: Blitzkrieg mod 4.5   Dom Jun 10, 2012 5:41 pm

Cuando Sacan La Traduccion a español !! para el Blitkrieg mod 4.50
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MensajeTema: Re: Blitzkrieg mod 4.5   Lun Jun 11, 2012 6:07 pm

ya esta en MF....el link por ahora es el del foro aleman .

"I rob you and I slaughter you, your downfall is my gain-
And still you play the sycophant and revel in your pain-
And all my promises are lies, all my love is hate-
I am the politician, and I decide your fate-"
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MensajeTema: Re: Blitzkrieg mod 4.5   Sáb Jun 16, 2012 2:05 am

Hola a todos tengo una duda, yo tengo mi juego hasta la version v4.50 o v4.5 es la Beta, mi duda es, esta nueva version 4.50 full la puedo instalar encima de la beta como tengo mi juego o es necesario desinstalar el mod blitzkrieg y despues instalar esta nueva version terminada v4.50 full y despues y por ultimo seguiria la v4.51? Very Happy
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MensajeTema: Re: Blitzkrieg mod 4.5   Sáb Jun 16, 2012 2:58 am

la 4.5 es full, solo tiene que instalar luego la 4.51 y listo a jugar ! !!! Twisted Evil

Nick: Maiden116
Faccion Preferida: Werhmatch
Doctrina: Blitzkrieg

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MensajeTema: Re: Blitzkrieg mod 4.5   Sáb Jun 16, 2012 10:04 pm

Maiden116 gracias por averme aclarado mi duda amigo Very Happy ya hasta jugue unos minutos esta muy bueno el Mod hay cosas nuevas Very Happy hasta luego camaradas Very Happy
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MensajeTema: Re: Blitzkrieg mod 4.5   Mar Sep 04, 2012 11:46 am

hola una duda ¿ para instalar el Blitzkrieg Mod 4.50?¿ hay que instalar Blitzkrieg Mod 4.0? Blitzkrieg mod update 4.02b (fix): todo esto tambien gracias
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MensajeTema: Re: Blitzkrieg mod 4.5   Mar Sep 04, 2012 3:50 pm

noo solo el 4.50
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Contenido patrocinado

MensajeTema: Re: Blitzkrieg mod 4.5   

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Blitzkrieg mod 4.5
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